Not too long ago, I graduated from UNC Charlotte as a not so young, bright-eyed, and bushy tailed tech professional. I learned one lesson very quickly–it’s not the easiest thing to get connected to the community via tech. I want to change the world but I also want those opportunities at my fingertips while also being about tech. Asking a lot? Maybe.

My new mission was to talk to people, scour meetups, find some organizations, and find a place for myself in the big ol’ tech world of Charlotte. I found out that the Charlotte tech community is thriving and bustling in so many different ways. The catch? Sometimes I’d have to search, have an in, or constantly tap into my network.

Then I thought, what if this information was out there? All in one place? With a few insights?

So I made Tech Plus Community with the goal to spread the word and help us better serve and understand the local Charlotte tech community with an emphasis on community.

We see so many lifestyle blogs about fashion, family, or travel but in my eyes tech is a lifestyle too. Hopefully, here in this blog I can help give a little insight into that, help bring some people together, learn more, and help show how tech and community are like chocolate and peanut butter–the perfect match.

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